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Discover The Magic

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of flute music and let Stacee Corbett guide you on a journey of musical exploration. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced player, our comprehensive flute lessons cater to all skill levels.

At SylverWood Flute Studio, the aim is to build not only flute players but also leaders with the skills to succeed and inspire others. Stacee believes in nurturing confident musicians and developing valuable leadership qualities.

If you have a desire to learn Flute, Piccolo, Irish Flute, Tin Whistle, or the Recorder; Join us at SylverWood Flute Studio and embark on a musical adventure like no other! Everyone 9 years of age or older is welcome!

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Full-time Students

Weekly time slot for the first three weeks of the month, with a group lesson on the last week. Cost: $20 per lesson or $80 per month.

Part-time Students

Lessons taught as requested throughout the year. Cost: $20 per 30-minute lesson.

Group Lessons

Last Thursday of each month from September to May (Call for time). Cost: $20 per hour.

  • Discount price for Full-time Students: $60 for three private lessons and one group lesson when paid by the first week of the month.
  • Discounted Summer Session: $90 (instead of $120) for 6 lessons when paid in full before June 7th.
  • Family Discount: $80 per month or $20 per lesson for two flutists in the family, including 2 private lessons and a group lesson for each student. Prepay discount can be combined.

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy: 24-hour notice required for rescheduling; no-shows will not be rescheduled or reimbursed. Terms and Conditions: Summer session students receive priority for Full-time student spots the following Fall.

I cannot say enough about how wonderful an experience Stacee and SylverWood Flute Studio provided for my daughter. My daughter not only received hours of one-on-one instruction but also participated in group lessons and performances in the community. I watched my daughter grow in skill and confidence. Stacee not only helped my daughter build a portfolio of pieces she could perform, but she also helped her focus on personal goals as well. There were several times my daughter was able to bring in different audition pieces she was working on, and Stacee would help her break them down and work through them. Because of all the help she received through her high school years, my daughter will now be continuing and playing at the college level. Thank you SylverWood Flute Studio!
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Qualifications and Certifications

Stacee has over 30 years of teaching experience. She has taught privately, adjudicated at festivals, and taught at music camps. Stacee also conducted beginner classes for various elementary schools.

  • 4 year Bachelor's Degree program
  • Bachelor of Arts in Music with an emphasis on Performance and Pedagogy
  • 11 years of private lessons with various professors
  • Attended master classes and private lessons with notable flutists
  • Member of the Wyoming Music Teachers Association
  • Member of Sweetwater Music Keys non-profit
  • Former member of MTNA and NFA
  • Former board member for The Arts Inc. non-profit
  • Performed with various symphonies and small ensemble groups, including:
    • Magic Valley Symphony
    • Tatterjack Celtic Band

Contact Information

Stacee Corbett
Phone: (435) 232-2947